Drinking & Driving ViolationsDriving Under the Influence (ARS Title 28 scroll to Chapter 4)
Driving Without a License / With a Suspended LicenseLicense Violations (ARS Title 28 scroll to 28-3471 to 28-3481)
Driving Without Insurance / With Insufficient InsuranceVehicle Insurance and Financial Responsibility (ARS Title 28 scroll to Chapter 9)
Driving Without Registration / With Expired RegistrationRegistration; violation; classification; exceptions (ARS 28-2531)
Registration; violation; civil penalties (ARS 28-2532)
Illegal U-TurnLimitations on turning around (ARS 28-752)
Leaving the Scene of an Accident / Hit & RunAccidents involving death or personal injury; failure to stop (ARS 28-661)
Accidents involving damage to vehicle; failure to stop (ARS 28-662)
Mechanical ViolationsEquipment (ARS Title 28 scroll to 28-921 to 28-966)
Reckless DrivingReckless driving (ARS 28-693)
Running a Red Light / Stop SignObedience to and required traffic control devices (ARS 28-644)
Seat Belt / Child Restraint ViolationsVehicle restraints required; exceptions; civil penalty (ARS 28-909)
Child passenger restraint system; civil penalty (ARS 28-907)
SpeedingSpeed Restrictions (ARS Title 28 scroll to 28-701 to 28-710)
Unlawful Vehicle ModificationsEquipment (ARS Title 28 scroll to 28-921 to 28-966)

All of Our traffic Courses are APPROVED by their respective State Department of Motor Vehicles.

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